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We´ll be at Digital Agenda

Jun 13, 2011 digital agenda, events, future digital economy No hay comentarios

Tactilapp will participate at Digital Agenda 2011, in the workshop “Future digital economy: a chance for competitive and innovate European entrepreneurs and organisations“.

The session will discuss:

  • Diogo VASCONCELOS – Director of CISCO venture capital fund
  • Emmanuel CARRAUD – BIG IDEA Entrepreneur leader – CEO
  • Carlos BARRABES – web entrepreneur, one of the top young global leaders in Davos 2010- CEO
  • Nicolas VIEUXLOUP – Viadeo (social network for professionals) – spokesman
  • Carlos OLIVEIRA – Pathena (venture capital fund) – partner
  • Jorge MAROTO – TactilApp (young entrepreneur developing Apple store apps) – CEO
  • Jason TROST – Smarkets (online gambling) – CEO

We also participate as viewer at the workshop “Social networks, a driver for economic and political change?” were the future of social networks will be disscused.

If you will attend or participate at the events, please, do not hesitate to contact us to share ideas and opinions.

Our mail is hi@tactilapp and this is our twitter. Mail & tweet us!




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